Wednesday 25th May 2016 (12.05pm)

3/10 – Interesting morning with GP, my 10 minute standard appointment turned into 30 minutes! I feel like I am in a constant battle with my head. My thoughts are not rationale. Long conversation with GP with regards to my immediate safety. I escaped an urgent referral to the Community Psychiatric Team for this afternoon. My reluctance to go was evident. We discussed course of action and I was given some telephone numbers to contact should I need help. My medication has been increased from 50mg to 100mg which I need to try for the next 7 days. This whole thing is draining me. I have been given another sick certificate for 4 weeks; however, if deemed well enough I can return before end date. I have been advised not to isolate myself and not to spend time alone. GP suggested I visit family in Tenby but I want to be on my own.

My 30 minute run and 30 minute Wattbike session felt like a chore. I am glad that I have done it though as I would have felt guilty otherwise and therefore worse.

I have had a number of messages from friends asking how this morning went. I know people want to help and support me; it is just up to me to accept it.

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