Wednesday 22nd June 2016 (9.35am)

4/10 – I feel all over the place. I have seen GP (30 mins) and my medication has now been increased to 150mg. I have be signed off work for another two weeks and have to go back for another appointment then. I was weighed this morning and I am no lower. We got talking about the 5K Saturday park runs which are run locally. GP advised that it may be good for me to meet up with other people. I will take a look and maybe think about doing one once my events are over. It will be something different to do on a Saturday morning and who knows I may enjoy it. I have not had any contact with work for a while so I will message my line manager regarding my latest sick note. I really thought I would be better by now and I said this to the GP. I also explained that I have no patience. Thankfully, GP knows and gets me!

On a positive note, I am looking forward to Sunday and my first triathlon. This is a change from the other day when I was worried that I did not mentally feel up to the challenge. I am feeling a little nervous though.

I am not quite sure how I have ended up in Starbucks as I was driving across to the gym, not sure why my car decided to divert! It is not a bad thing though as I feel a bit ‘heady’. Seeing the GP or counsellor seems to drain my brain.

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