Saturday 2nd July 2016 (7.14pm)

5/10 – For some reason I feel lonely tonight. Not sure what is causing it but I am sure I will get over it. I had an early hospital appointment, another MRI scan of right knee. I am not quite sure why they are scanning again as I only had one done at the beginning of the year. I could have easily just headed home after that but ended up going to the gym. I am glad I made the effort to go as I did a good 30 minutes on the Wattbike before having a run. Legs felt good running today. I did not hang around in the lounge after as I felt like I needed space and time away. I just felt that I wanted to read or write away from people. I have started reading ‘Sane New World – Taming the mind’ by Ruby Wax who herself suffers from depression.

For the last week all I have seemed to do is eat and I don’t want to. I feel quite fat (but I know I am not). I need to cut down on my food, that is after I have eaten the massive bag of crisps and bag of Aero bubbles which I have by my side.

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