Wednesday 29th June 2016 (no time recorded)

7/10 – Thankfully I am felling better than yesterday. This morning I had an enjoyable swim in the outdoor pool in the rain. It was lovely and refreshing and for most of the time I had the pool to myself. I sat in the lounge afterwards and somehow got chatting to a guy about my mental health and he also opened out to me. It surprises me how many people have suffered or also suffer. Until you start the conversation, you never know.

This afternoon was part 3 of my ‘Action for living’ course. Prior to the session I spoke to the facilitators about the ‘blue light’. They believe that it is only run in England and had not heard of it. The session today was on mindfulness and how to put oneself into the here and now by getting rid of or defusing the negative thoughts which come into our minds. We were taught techniques on how to do this.

I have felt more stable over the last few days and my motivation for certain things is returning. Tomorrow I have a counselling session and I am hoping that it will be more positive than last time.

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