Wednesday 20th July 2016 (7.05pm)

7/10 – My mood has improved as not been great last few days, or even this morning. I had an early Dr appointment (saw a different GP to usual as mine is away) and I explained that I had been experiencing excessive tiredness. I also said that I felt neither happy, or sad, in fact I am quite emotionless. All are possible side effects of the medication and I have been advised to drop down to 100mg a day to see how I get on. I have been given another sick certificate for 2 weeks when I have to go back and see my GP. I would like to think that I may be able to return to work by the end of August. I managed to get across to the gym to do a 45 minute Wattbike session which I wasn’t really in the mood for but felt that I had to do something.

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