Saturday 23rd July 2016 (7.31pm)

7/10 – I woke up relatively early and decided to go out cycling. I have kind of lost the love for it at the moment which I blame on the tiredness and lack of mental strength. Rather than go for 50+ miles on my usual route I went up to Penarth across the barrage to Cardiff Bay where I did a few laps taking in part of the triathlon course. I left by 8am and was home just after 10am, doing 31 miles. It was a nice route and it felt good to be out in the fresh air. I appeared to enjoy it more as the ride went on but I am glad I opted for the shorter route as psychologically I would have lost the will and struggled with a bigger distance. When I got home I packed up my swimming kit and headed to David Lloyd to chill out in the sun. I am not quite sure where my thoughts are at the moment and only time will tell if I am on the correct dosage of medication.

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