Overwhelmed by simple tasks

Monday 5th September 2016 (9.25pm)

6/10 – Early 2k swim to start the day. Last night I entered the Saundersfoot Sprint Triathlon which is a week on Saturday, the day before Ironman Wales (which I would love to be doing). Though it is probably the easiest event for me so far this year, it will give me something to look forward to and aim for.

On checking my phone after my swim, I received a message to say that one of my university friends who had been unwell with cancer had sadly passed away. I had not seen my friend for many years but we used to live together and I have many fond memories. I then contacted a number of people who I thought would want to know which resulted in many messages back and them asking after me. My phone did not stop all day. At times I just wanted to switch my phone off or chuck it in the bin. I felt so overwhelmed it made my head hurt. Such basic things I am unable to cope with.

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