When this face meets the camera

Wednesday 5th October 2016 (12.08pm)

5/10 – Mood has improved since I first woke up. I did not sleep great as I kept thinking about whether to return to work or not and how I was going to approach this with the GP. The outcome was that when I had my GP appointment I said that I would like to return to work tomorrow. I was told otherwise and that a phased return plan would have to be in place before considering. I explained that I was waiting for a meeting with work and I was concerned about the prospect of half pay as my policies would not pay out as much as I thought. I also told GP what was documented in FMA report. I will not be retuning to work tomorrow. We discussed the outcome of my CMHT assessment and disagreeing with the ‘no further action’ decision she will contact them for me to be seen further. We talked about a possible change of medication but I will need to reduce my dose to 30mg prior to a complete switch. We will further this when I return in 2 weeks.

After my appointment I went back to bed for an hour. I thought I would have a day off from gym and I will be busy later with the BBC, so need to be on top form 🙂

I am in Coffee 1 and I am sat near to the group of ‘history people’ again who are now talking about cauliflower omelette. I would rather cheese, tomato and onion personally (random digression).


After leaving Coffee 1 I collected my prescription books from the library. One of the is mindfulness based and the other appears to be a depression workbook. I will have a proper look tomorrow when I have more time. I am not sure if they are going to be much use to me or tell me anything that I don’t already know.

I had a really good afternoon with the guy from the BBC. We did a lot of filming outside. It made it easier for me as he was so nice and easy to talk to. He was with me almost 2 hours. We discussed loads and now he has to edit it into 3 minutes of film to present to the Commissioner of the BBC. He was very complimentary of the footage so I will just have to see what happens next. After talking and filming my mood became a positive 7/10.

My bubble was soon burst though when I had a phone call from my insurance company to say that I now may not receive anything.

After a bit of a crazy ass day I then went to mindfulness. My mind was all over the place and I was drifting elsewhere in the practices. On the plus side it was nice to see people who put me back in a better mood.

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