Live Blog – Cardiff 10K

Cardiff 10K

I thought I would have a bit of a catch up seeing as I have not written since last Monday. Things have just been busy and I have written live time in my journal for publication at another time. There have been some struggles and barriers this week which I am still trying to manoeuvre my way around but hey, it is all part of life.

Today I ran Cardiff 10K, not that I chase times and PBs I think it was one of my quickest of recent years finishing in 50:56. I am happy with that considering I have been struggling with knees for the last 10 days. It appears that I had enough rest with them in between. The fact that it was raining at the start also made me go faster.

I wore my ‘Mind over Marathon Heads Together’ vest and there were times when I looked down at it and reminded myself why I do this and the positive benefits which I get from running. To anyone out there, find something you enjoy where you can have ‘you time’. It doesn’t have to be exercise, it can be art, floristry, baking, gardening, whatever you can do to find ‘your space’ to recharge your brain and have fun.

I am hoping to be back on track either later today or tomorrow with the follow up events from last October.

2 thoughts on “Live Blog – Cardiff 10K

  1. Well done! I used to cycle a lot can’t get motivated at moment. That said now take dog for longer walks and discovered a creative side I didn’t know about. Your comment about “you time”is so true. It can feel selfish but it shouldn’t. It’s important.

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    1. Thanks Chris. My motivation is up and down so keep in there. My dog keeps me busy too and he has given me a completely different lifestyle. “Me time’ for me is critical and I dont see it as selfish, thankfully, mates understand ..


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