The impact of a ‘Blank Page’

Wednesday 11th January 2017 (7.27pm)

6/10 – I have had more of a better day. I was in the outdoor pool at David Lloyd just before 8am and it felt good to be back in that early. I enjoy the early exercise routine and need to try and stick to it where I can. It does help me mentally.

After swimming I went to Starbucks and read some of my book. A few things jumped out at me. In particular, a blank page. It made me realise that I need to start a fresh and wipe the slate clean. I need to stop thinking, create space in my head where creativity can flow and to allow an area for happiness. Today, is a new start; how easy will this be to implement? I think not very.

To quote from the book “At any moment, we can turn the pages on our past and begin again. We can make a fresh start. We can move forward as if nothing happened. We can make things as good as new”.

I had great time with Olly down the beach this afternoon. He seems to really enjoy himself playing with other dogs and chasing his ball. I also got chatting to a number of dog owners. Again things I would never have done or enjoyed pre Olly.

I received a telephone call from my line manager. I explained that I had not been great, my medication had been increased but I was still hoping to make my return to work date. Deep down I don’t know if I will.

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