First ever Park Run (Barry Island)

Sunday 22 January 2017 (9.07pm)

I have not written for a few days, mainly because Olly has kept me busy. I have been too tired and also I have not felt like it. I have been feeling down even though my days have been ok with what I have been doing.

Yesterday I did my first park run (Barry Island). I completed the 5k course in 24:50. I came 29/128, I was the 6th female and 1st in my age group. Not bad for my first attempt. It was freezing cold but I did enjoy it and I will do it again. I am not used to running with a group of people, this is because I like to be on my own. As part of my marathon training I have been encouraged to run with others, so I am trying. I was done by 9.30 so ended up having a lovely walk with Olly.

Today, I went home to Tenby to drop Olly off as I am going to London for filming for a couple of days. It was nice to pop home but I felt a bit quiet; returning to work is playing on my mind.

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