Stage 2 work meeting

Monday 22nd May 2017 (10.30am)

I have not had a bad few days. Work has been on my mind a lot, in more of a positive way. I am actually considering a return. I have my stage 2 meeting this afternoon so I will go from there. The last thing I want is to go to Stage 3.

Yesterday I went for a 45 mile cycle ride. This was my first road ride in 8 months and towards the end I was physically and mentally struggling which has made me think of only doing the 66 mile route at Tenby long course rather than the 112 miles. My marathon training has been a priority over the last 5 months and I have neglected bike training. This time last year, there was no way I would have considered going for the shorter distance. This just shows how far I have come in terms of my mental attitude towards exercise.

Last night I entered the Swansea half marathon which is on 25th June so that will give me a new goal to focus on and something to look forward to.


8/10 – Somehow and for some reason I am feeling very positive. This does not usually happen after a work meeting. I am pleased to say that it went well. I met with my DCI, HR and federation rep. I have been given a return to work date of 1st August but in my own head I want to return within the next 2-3 weeks at the latest. I am not going to put a date on it or tell anyone just in case I do not meet my own expectation. I am happy with my return plan which will incorporate annual leave into my weeks.

This morning I emailed Heads Together enquiring about any opportunities to do some voluntary work (to fit around work when I go back). I have had a response back and I will be meeting up with someone in the next few weeks.

A good day with positive outcomes.

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