Work – I cannot go on with it

Monday 17th July 2017 (7.20pm)

2/10 – I have had a really rubbish day and I did not want to be in work at all. I did not want to go and I even thought about driving past and not turning up. I plan being a MISPER (missing person). I clock watched from the moment I walked through the door (not something I have done in this job). I do not want to be there. The job has well and truly beaten me. I feel that I cannot go on there. I feel done with it, mentally drained by it. I was going to leave early but managed to make it to the end (almost).

I feel down, fed up and I do not know what is happening. I cannot concentrate and my head is not where it should be and I am finding this hard. I need to get out and I want to escape. I am so glad I am off tomorrow.

I feel disappointed over something and I question ‘support’. I was doing well and it does not take much to knock me back.

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