Back to work tomorrow

Wednesday 5th July 2017 (11.11am)

8/10 – Today, I sit here outside in the sun at David Lloyd watching some tennis. I am sat here a different person to who I was 12 months ago, and I am reminded of what an incredible journey I have been on. I am now mentally more stable and in a much better place. I would go as far to say that I am happy. Tired but happy. Things at least seem to be going in the right direction.

So much has changed over this last year and it is difficult to believe where I was; but hey I have survived and come out of this a better person. I am a marathon runner, a blogger with new friends and a great support network.

I saw my GP this morning and agreed a return to work for tomorrow. At least this time I feel ready to go back. What helps is knowing that it is a phased return with annual leave incorporated.

I have no plans for today, it is lovely and sunny and Olly is out with the dog walker. I am not sure how to make the most of my last day of freedom. Perhaps doing nothing is the answer.

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