Aaaarrrghhhh – Plantar fasciitis

Tuesday 24th October 2017 (5.56pm)

I have not had a bad few days. I am feeling better in terms of headaches and tiredness. I feel I have more energy and motivation and I no longer feel drugged or like a zombie. I have renewed energy for training and rather than just doing it, I am actually enjoying it again.

Whilst all this is positive, at times I have felt destructive. I have had a painful right foot for a few weeks. I ran Cardiff half marathon with it and it has just got worse. I know I  should not have been running on it but didn’t really care. Today I went to see a Physiotherapist and I have been diagnosed with a plantar fascia problem. This is potentially quite serious and if I do not do what I am told  then I could wreck my chances for next year’s London marathon and Ironman. I have to listen to what I am told which means no running or cycling for now but going back into my core strength programme and swimming. How will this affect me mentally? It is going to be difficult.

The Physio advised that I attend Flint House (the police rehab centre) but I do not think I want to. I have not gone for my mental health because I do not want to be around police officers or people! Apparently I need shock wave therapy which they can provide; otherwise it can cost about £100 per session (I need 3) which I cannot afford. More decisions now to be made, as without a fully functioning foot I cannot run and this screws up my brain.

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