Cardiff half marathon with withdrawal?

Tuesday 3rd October (7.13pm)

3/10 – This is an average mood score since last time of writing. I have felt so ill with tiredness and headaches. At times it has been unbearable and I have wanted to chop my head off.

On Saturday evening, I went to Rhian’s house with Mel, Jake and Nick Knowles where we had a pre match meal before the half marathon on Sunday. It was so good to see them all and it was lovely to catch up.

I felt crap prior to going and I could have easily stayed at home. My head was that bad I took 60mg of Fluoxetine to see if that would help. Am I suffering from withdrawal side effects? I have not medicated since last Monday. I feel rubbish, but I did whilst taking them anyway.

I enjoyed the half marathon on Sunday, getting a PB of 1:56 which I was happy with. Once again it was good to have my support crew there and to be out running with Rhian, Mel and Jake.

Yesterday I was like some kind of zombie creature from the apocalypse of apocalypseville. My head was physically attached to my body but did not function with it. I felt so weird and could have easily stayed in bed all day but I had my first CBT appointment. The session went well and I can see how it may benefit me. At times I found it hard to string sentences together as my level of functioning was crap.

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