Work meeting

Wednesday 4th October 2017 (6.32pm)

I am not quite sure how to articulate what went on in my work sickness meeting as so much was discussed. I feel that I have to write it down so I do not forget.

At the meeting was my line manager, HR and Fed Rep. I said that there had been no change in the way I was feeling and that I was unable to put a date on any possible return at this time.

I am waiting to see a Consultant Psychiatrist (through work) and any decision will be put on hold until the outcome of that appointment. It will be necessary to establish if my condition is temporary or permanent. Decisions as to what route will be taken in terms of a stage 3 meeting or a possible medical retirement process will then be considered.

We discussed a return to a different role and I expressed an interest in the training department. I would like this role and I could see myself in it; however I can’t jump into something without being mentally well. I feel as if I have some sort of mental block with returning to my department as this is where it all fell apart for me, this is where I ‘broke’ and walked away from. Too many memories perhaps?

Lets just see what the Consultant says first.

I still have not taken any medication. Even though I feel tired, my headache has not been as intense.

I am still in isolation from work friends. I cannot be bothered. Mood 4/10.

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