Supporting others

Thanks to all of your responses I have been able to chuck together a short series on ‘How to maintain a positive mental health and wellbeing’. These are your ideas with some of my thoughts and experiences chucked in. I have to say that this has been beneficial for me. Not only have I realised the importance of sticking to what I do through your encouragement but I am now able to embrace ideas which I probably would never have thought of.

Each and every response has inspired me. Thank you.

Whilst there may be some overlap between topics I will try and keep it fresh.

I have planned four titles which include:

  • Connecting with the outdoors
  • Connecting with movement 
  • Connecting with self
  • Connecting with others

You see the key word ‘connect’ but I will also write about the importance of disconnecting. It will become clear (I hope).

You may ask why am I doing this? Well, my own views, thoughts and feelings can become stagnant. At the moment I am experiencing a heightened level of stress which is having a detrimental effect on my depression. I could easily sit here and bumble on about it but I don’t want to. I do not feel it is the time or place at the moment. This also helps me to know that I am not alone and writing is a therapy for me.

When I did series 1 of my blog take over, I was truly moved by what I read. Inspiring stories from incredible people who had faced heartache, pain and trauma but are still here to speak up about their journey.

There are so many people out there suffering, many of which do not speak out, many of which do not have support or who are struggling with coping mechanisms. This series is not suddenly going to cure you but I am hoping that everyone who reads it will at least pick up something which may be able to help. 

I am no expert, I don’t profess to be a professional and I am not trained in this area. I am just an everyday person who has fallen in to the 1 in 4. I cannot cover everything and some things you may disagree with. I am not giving advice, I am just offering ideas and suggestions based on what people have said helps them through their own experience. 

Please follow any professional advice you have been given.

As always help is out there, please reach out if you feel you need to.

If there is anything that you would like to see covered in future blogs or you would like your own story to appear here (can be anonymous) then let me know. xx

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