Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday 13th May 2019 (10.29am)

Today marks the start of mental health awareness week, something which I never even knew existed up until a few years ago. Now I am keen to see what is going on  nationally and how inspiring people look to make a difference by helping others. The national picture this year is focused around body image; however my message this year is about ‘change’, change to make a difference in your life, whatever that may be:

  • Positively change an attitude towards something or someone
  • Change your thoughts by not allowing negativity to dwell and eat away at you
  • Change a routine that you are stuck in and cannot see a way out of (you can – trust me)
  • Change the way you think about yourself. Look at the positives. You all have so many

These are just a few suggestions (and all could be linked into body image) but you will have your own ideas. One small element of change a day could bring you so much more and open up avenues that you may never  have even thought of.

Make change positive, embrace it and see it as a mini project to keep you focused.

I am currently going through change (not the change as someone keeps saying 🙄😂) and I am seeing many benefits to my mental health. Of course, not all is perfect here, I am not saying that, but by making a couple decisions I have finally seen a glimmer of light in that dark tunnel which I have been in for so long. More about these decisions again.

Your challenge for this week is therefore to do one positive thing for yourself each day which you do not usually do. This could be getting up 10 minutes earlier to have ‘you’ or ‘quiet’ time’, going for a walk, only allowing a set time of social media a day, reading a book about something different to usual. 

Put the ball firmly back in your court, take back control of your life and whatever you do, have a good week and stay safe xx

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