Time for the big girl pants

Wednesday 15th January 2020 (3.11pm)

I am pleased to say that today has been a better day. I am currently out treating myself to a late lunch after having an hour with my mental health worker. Thankfully our meeting went better than last Friday, and after having final closure on one part of my life, I feel that there is no point in dwelling on the ifs, buts and maybes. It’s time for me to put the big girl pants back on and adopt the chuck it in the ‘fu*k it bucket’ before it destroys me any further.

This morning I met up with someone who I have never had a verbal conversation with but know from Parkrun. After making contact via social media we met for a run. This is not something that I would have done up until recently. We smashed out 10 miles and never stopped talking all of the way. Thank you so much RC, that was exactly what I needed. Time out, not having the chance to think over the things was a perfect start to the morning. A new friend made and a new running buddy 👌🏻. The running community totally rocks and I am so grateful I have this and these super duper people.

Myself (especially) and Olly stepped out for our morning walk with a bounce and new hope. Things are still tough, they will be until I have time to adjust (not good for someone who has an adjustment disorder). Trying not to be too cliched, I have to look at what is ahead of me. The next few months will bring lots of changes so it is time for me to embrace what, and maybe even who will be thrown my way.

Whilst I have a tear in my eye, I am actually happy and inwardly smiling.

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