Sunday 5th July 2020 (5.52pm)

Wow, has it really been nearly three months since my last post? As we slowly edge out of COVID-19 lockdown and begin what is being termed the new normal, I thought I would pop my head out of my shell (yes like a little tortoise) and update you with what has been going on.

Hopefully you would have noticed a new name and look to my site as I am edging towards my third rebrand since starting this up. There have been so may changes in my life over the last few months I thought that I may as well change this as well. Change is good right? Every 12 months WordPress ask me to update and pay for my domain for the next year. When I looked at my site to do this, I had the sudden idea to change it. What was once (which still launches site) has now become This starts a new beginning for me as my life has naturally evolved and changed, even within a short few weeks. The early years of my blog talked about struggles, pressures, illness, ideations of suicide, this moved on to a new relationship and happy times but being unhappy and stuck in a body and mind that  wasn’t me. Not being who I was and what I wanted to be drowned me in a toxic swamp.

I probably hit phase 3 of this weird journey I seem to be on in April when I was given the opportunity to move to a 3 bedroom house with a big garden in a lovely quiet location. Of course I jumped at it and not long after I spent a few hours each day at the house decorating. I painted every wall, door and skirting board. Bashed furniture together, put up curtain poles, lugged furniture around, built a lawnmower, BBQ, bought outdoor plants and pots (still alive after a few weeks), weeded the garden, moaned at utility companies and treated myself to an huge egg chair which is in the conservatory ready to build. As I look at what I have achieved, what I have gone through and what I now have around me, I can honestly say that I have not been this happy for years. As our COIVD bubble opens tomorrow, I cannot wait to welcome people to our home. I am back living close to friends who have been especially awesome over the last 6 months.  


Hard life Olls?

I have continued to work hard with my online course which comes to an end in 4 weeks time. This distraction from my whole work situation has been a massive positive for me as I kept this overactive brain busy.

Seeing as my MRI scan in March was cancelled and any further knee surgery is in the unknown pile I decided to sign up for a couple of virtual run challenges. I am a person who is motivated if there is a goal and end result, otherwise it is all too easy for me not to bother going for that run when all I want to do is veg on the sofa.

The first challenge started 4th May and sees me running the 874 miles from Lands End to John O Groats in 6 months. This calculates to approximately 35 miles per week. Week 10 starts tomorrow and I am currently on 350 miles and near Knutsford. At the same time I am running the Welsh coastal path (something which I would like to do for real one day). Week 4 starts tomorrow and I am 89 miles into this 870 mile journey and kicking around somewhere just past Bridgend. It is also great to finally be able to meet up with friends to  both run and sea swim.

Apart from all of that, nothing much has happened. I am finally in a good place and I have met someone who is more of a pain in the ass than me! 

One thought on “Change 

  1. Sounds like you’re in a positive place right now, which is really good. Bugger about the MRI and knee stuff, but hopefully in the next few months they’ll be getting back to doing things like that (my mum had a cataract operation on Thursday, but she’s in Cheshire, and cataracts are a bit different to knees). And I’m loving the new look!

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