How do you manage good mental health and wellbeing?

Over the next week I am doing something different and asking for your help.

It is as the title suggests. Yep, that simple.

What do you do to get you out of a low mood, or keep you from dropping down that rabbit hole?

How do you sustain good mental health?

It is up to you as to how you respond. You can either comment openly on my insta, twitter or Facebook. You can also private message me.

It can be one word or it can be 1000 words.

Lets see what you do and I will share and provide a write up.

Helping each other in an environment where we understand each other.

Thank you as always.

6 thoughts on “How do you manage good mental health and wellbeing?

  1. Hi again Georgie,

    Great idea and I wanted to contribute and I guess the answer to the question starts here and now by sharing. For me, being able to speak openly, honestly and directly, to anyone who asks or happens to be in my space when I want to talk, helps.

    I remember, so vividly, my inability to share. Not having people around me who would listen, retreating from those that did. Hiding my thoughts from everyone. Hiding physically, and the loneliness associated with that.

    Now I routinely chat to anyone who will listen and talk about my mental health easily and freely. I talk about it being managed well with a combination of anti-depressants, counselling and friendship. I’m the first to tell people how I anticipated taking my volunteering as a police officer to a full time role.

    I have been volunteering for 7 years now, almost all of which has been whilst on anti-depressants. I can comfortably talk about being medicated, whilst having my own relationship trauma, and explaining to a fiance of 1 week how her partner had just died. Or being medicated whilst dragging a guy high on drink and drugs from the hotel room that he had just set alight.

    I am far more mentally healthy with it being actively managed than not. My mental health history and recovery gives me a huge wealth of experience to help others in their moment of crisis.

    But I discovered in August last year that I am unable to fulfil the role full time if I am on medication, so that was bit of a low point shall we say.

    By sharing, I can cope with these new triggers, that’s the message. Sharing helps me laugh and put everything into perspective. Once people are aware of my condition, they can laugh with me and see the absurdity in most things.

    Once, I did not believe tomorrow could or should come…, I don’t worry about it. My medication helps me moderate my moods, which helps my anxiety, which makes me recognise the moment and genuinely have no real thought about tomorrow. It’s not promised to any of us.

    Hope this is a step towards what you were looking for…and makes you smile?

    Stu x

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    1. Hi Stu

      Many thanks for this, I will definitely take some examples from what you have said.
      It is so good that you are open and honest about your mental illness and medication. Talking is an excellent therapy so you keep going with it.

      Sorry to hear that you were not able to fulfil a full-time police officer role due to medication?

      Keeping fighting and look after yourself.



  2. I know when I am headed in the wrong direction. My lack of interest to communicate with anyone, my body language, my anger, snapping at anyone that attempts talk to me. 2 years ago when it all came to ahead, someone sat me down & said “I know something’s wrong, talk to me” that was the floodgates opened for me, after suffering with depression for nearly 25 years, someone actually cared enough to ask me, and since that day after being silent for those 25 years, I can’t stop talking. Granted, I still have days where I still don’t want to interact with anyone, but people around me are now are not afraid to ask me what’s wrong, and being able to talk about stuff gets me out of the hole I dig for myself. So talking is key to my survival. Also key to my survival is being outdoors, hiking, golfing, hearing the birds sing, appreciating nature, being thankful to be alive !! The hiking has helped both my mental & physical well-being, by clearing shit from my head, and being able to just breath!! No way would I have shared this kind of stuff with anyone were it not for that question 2 years ago, but more than happy to share now. You inspire me Georgie 😊

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    1. Hey, thank you for this. Once again I appreciate you being so open in your journey. Talking is key and helps in many ways. Not just getting out your thoughts and feelings but also having people understand where you are at if you are not too good. It gives a much better understanding for others. Keep going with it and be proud of who you are x


    1. Look after yourself and keep safe. Shout out for help and support. Get another sick note as it sounds as if you are not ready for a return.
      Take care and chat soon. x


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